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Ambula Travel & Tours

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service Snappy Coaches has given us and I would like to especially compliment your driver, Julius, he has been such a star on this trip and he understands what needs to be done and communicated so well with us and has gone the extra mile. This is greatly appreciated and has help us make the tour run so smoothly.

We look forward to continued relationship with Snappy Coaches, thank you once again.


I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart  for coming through for us, for the driver to stay longer than what was expected of him and for organizing a trailer for us , thank you much appreciated …it is very nice to do business with you

UPS Team

…Wonderful service, quick and efficient and very affordable. Driver, Silus, was very accommodating and friendly and quite frankly, one of the best bus drivers I’ve ever met.

Rod Private
…Service was great, the bus was huge and Bongani was an absolute star! He was on time, polite, brilliant!
Germaine Private

Excellent and professional service. The service was outstanding. We will definitely recommend you company to our other businesses.

Stein Brunwand America

Very pleased with Leon and the service he provided us.  The bus was clean, roomy and very comfortable. I would certainly use Snappy Coach again and request Leon as a driver.

Jane Wits

Exceptional service delivery last night. Lucky’s friendly but professional manner, punctual, courteous and a pleasure to work with.

Jemima Orillosa Private

Wonderful drivers – Lucky and Phatlane. They are very careful drivers and easy to work with.

Ruben Trapman Private

…Edward is a professional and has a pleasant personality. He got us everywhere on time and is flexible when needed…Because of this good experience we will recommend both Snappy and Edward for our friends and family

Ruth Underwood Mystical Places

…Bob who was an excellent driver, very professional, good company. The group enjoyed him and all remarked on his professional manner and driving skills….The bus was great too…

Rod Martin SAB Miller

Very impressed by the service.

Robyn Ingle-Moller National Zoo Group

… Your name is apt, as you are so on the ball.

Carol Pretorius Amazing SA

…Very happy and everything went smoothly. Will defiantly make use of your services again in the future.

Wayne Barnes Soweto Tours

…We will certainly be using your services in the near future as your rates are very competitive.

Astrit Johnson

Excellent service received with moving our golf clubs for our group, everything ran smoothly and both your drivers were great and very helpful!

Ash Universal Coal

The driver was on time, had impeccable manners and joined in on all our festivities. It was an absolute dream working with you and your team. Highly recommended.

Stefan Grab Private

The service we experienced from your company was excellent. Drivers drove with great care and responsibility, drivers were very friendly and helpful. This service was better than any previous bus company we have used in the past several years. Thank you for your excellent service.

Roy Private

The bus was great thanks, as was the driver. He was polite and waited around for us at the start while we waited for the last clients to arrive. Will definitely use you guys again.

Caroline Private

…We were extremely happy with the service from Snappy Coach Hire, especially our driver, Elis who made sure we were safe and escorted to and from the concert.

Terry Volkwyn Primedia Broadcasting

Wonderful service to the concert, this is definitely the way to go in the future.

Jacqui Mills Private

…Daniel Mazibuko arrived on time, friendly and such a pleasant gentleman. We will most certainly use your company again. What a great service.



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